John Paul II Poem The Samaritan Woman


“It joined us together, the well; the well led me into you. No one between us but light deep in the well, the pupil of the eye set in an orbit of stones. Within you eyes, I, drawn by the well, am enclosed”                                                  Saint Pope John Paul II

It is my leap year special; I will just say first and foremost that John Paul loved Women. That is his love came out of his respect for all of us. In his Apostolic Letter Mulieris Dignitatem, which translates “THE DIGNITY AND THE VOCATION OF WOMEN”. He expresses the anthropological and theological problem faced in today’s world. The actions are violations against human dignity and vocation to which he is called. In this case found in the message in the being of a woman.

John Paul II  makes beautiful remarks on the fruit of the conversation, being as deep as the well. The poetic gift in the reflection that her thirst shares and finds at the well. All people have a natural desire to live, but it does not stop just physically existing. This natural desire truth about himself. The truth of what he is,  will not be obtained by thirst deriving from the body but by his interior person, the soul. That is why in JP II’s poem he writes “It joined us together, the well; the well led me into you”.  Hence in revealing to Mankind’s dignity and vocation, the message of the truth shall be delivered from a woman’s lips.

Christ’s reveals his identity, not just a woman but a sinful Samaritan. Recognition of the rivalry between the Jews and the Sameritaians was not bad enough. Wells tend echo gossip but at that moment it echos the gospel. The point it draws is clear as the water found in that well. First that the message and mission of the Messiah is sent for all sinners. The second would be the most powerful testimony shall come from a woman.  As John Paul states in his letter

“gift of God,” what he, as Creator and Redeemer, entrusts to women, to every woman.” (Mulieris Dignitatem, 31)

The revelation for the woman at the well is the “meaning of their femininity.” He entrusts her with His word by revealing the Truth to her. For he knows more about her person than she did about herself. Recall the Gospel reading [4:142]

The message He bestows on her is the mercy that the Good News (Gospel) offers. The mercy of the Gospel provides the truth of her dignity that is present. The present being the gift of herself joined with her vocation to be a “sincere gift of self”.  That is found in Christ who is the ultimate gift to the world. For he has come to relinquish her thirst so that she might not emit gossip but the Gospel. A woman that scandalous does not have any actual purpose of gossiping about someone who claims to be God’s ‘anointed one’ (messiah). Less it was true, henceforth, her proclamation of the Gospel that Jesus as the Messiah is so enormously received and followed.

The Wells depth thus reveals the Grace of the moment. That

“Within your eyes, I, drawn by the well, am enclosed”

Just as Mary’s ‘yes’ (fiat), shall confirm the salvation of humanity. So the woman at the Well’s fiat shall express the reception of the word and a proclamation of his gifts. Echoing his words  “If you knew the gift of God”. Shows not only his noble regard for the dignity of women but also their vocation that permits them to share in Christ’s messianic mission (Jn 4:10, Mulieris Dignitatem, 31). The quest that offers to quench our thirst for life-giving water is united to our meeting at the Well of Christ.


I hope that in this little reflection might show the great love God has for all people. God Bless 🙂

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