So I wish to evaluate some cool traveling experience,  intercultural outreach and, of course, the celebrations of Hallows Eve, All Hallows Day (All Saints Day), All Soul Day, and Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) El Dia de Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). The Celebration of All of these Holidays ironically starts on the 31st of October to 2nd of November. They are also (at least in my opinion) the fun holidays to celebrate. Not be the cause of the secularized cultural themes of crazed up costumes but the celebrations themselves, the honoring, the festivities, and the dressing up.

This year was very different for than any other year I celebrated partially because I really and truly felt like I was observing it. I made up my costumes, make-up and all of that Jazz.  It was quite fun; I also was given a mystery saint. (At least that is what I shall call this occasion). I have a difficulty choosing saint as I view it, “it is choosing among the star of heaven”. So requested that God chooses the saint, and I gather costume props. And there was no disappointment, the saint that came to my mind of Rosalia of Palermo.

Saint Rosalia

Not much is fully known about Saint Rosalia; there have been various claims of her background that is mostly steeped in much tradition and legends. The city of Palermo in the region of Sicily have an excessive devotion to this saint that has yet to cease with time. It has been noted by both tradition and the site that she died in a cave not far from Palermo, that she was a woman of noble birth but likely had Greek ties within the Church. She was a virgin saint that may have had great devotion to the Holy Rosary. She wished to give her earthly goods that she had been privileged too, giving herself completely to God. However she was to be married to another well-off noble man, so she fled the area and at first tried to rest herself in one of the convents. However, her parents and suitor would not let her be and so as the story continued. She came into a cave not far from her father’s home and there remained. She supposedly relied completely on the Eucharist and prayer as a hermitess living and eventually dying in the cave.

Many years later in approximately 1625 a plague developed and spread across the land of Sicily and notably in Palermo. One the women sickened by the illness had a vision of Rosalia, followed by another person a hunter who was in the woods. There presented with a vision of Saint Rosalia she told him of her forgotten bones, and instruction of a procession that would be done in barefoot with her remains around the city.

The picture is not Rosalia obviously, but the color was there to represent the soul of a saint. And the headband sort like a crowning of God’s Grace. Since a saint may have experienced death through their body yet, their spirit is very much alive and in communion with God. Hence the 

 Dia de Los Muertos make-up. All of this is symbolic and not supposed to look exactly like how the saint might look in a picture. Her relics were brought to the archbishop of the town. And they processed around the town and in three days later the plague dissipated. Her remain taken to a cathedral and the city of Palermo still does this each year in honor of their patroness.                                            (I will try to find a picture, but this is what have for now, of me fully dressed for All Saints Day that is kind of closer to Saint Rosalia)

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